I just submitted a proposal to OSCON 201…

I just submitted a proposal to OSCON 2011. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that I will be accepted. Here is the abstract of my proposed talk:


Apple and iOS is not known for it’s great commitment to Open Source and Openness, that said the Open Source community is still vibrant and growing with the popularity of the platform in whole. This talk gives a brief overview of the different Open Source projects that the community has produced for the platform and also the Open Source software used in the platform itself.
We will start with the platform and the Open Source software involved in getting all the iPhones, iPod and iPads to run as smoothly as they do. We also cover Apples development tools and how they relate to the Open Source community, this includes GCC, LLVM and LLDB.
At the second part of the presentation we will dwell into the different vibrant and growing open source communities around iOS. This includes the Three20 framework by Facebook which is one of the biggest third party frameworks for iOS, ShareKit that allows users to add sharing to their applications and Cocos2D which is a game centered open source framework for iOS.
The presentation will end with the problems of Apples tight control over the App Store and what negative effects this will have on the Open Source community, we will also discuss the recent GPL + App Store controversy.