Music picks – May 2010

I like to listen to new music. I am constantly looking for new music to listen to, obsessively so according to some. At times people have asked me to recommend the new music I find. I am going to try to do that monthly from now. So let’s start with May 2010, which turned out to be a pretty good month for new music!
Edge of Dawn – Anything That Gets You Through the Night (futurepop)
This is not only the best album this month, but it is also so far the best album this year! It’s brilliant futurepop/synthpop, with Frank’s trademark weird lyrics (Bend over, I want to taste sweat, I want to ride, I want it wild!) and big beats. My favorite tracks are: Beyond the Gate, which features Reagan Jones from Iris, Denial which is a very moody nice track, Save my Soul and Siren’s Call. If you are into electronic music you should get this one directly!

Road Salt pt. One cover
Pain of Salvation – Road Salt pt. One (rock, jazz, 70’s??)
So this is a hard one to say a few words about. It’s a very experimental album (but what else to expect from Pain of Salvation), that have some brilliant heights, and unfortunately some pretty boring low points. I really enjoy tracks like Sisters, Road Salt, Where it Hurts and Linoleum, the rest? Nah, far from PoS best record (which probably is Remedy Lane).

Shifting Through the Lens cover

Front Line Assembly – Shifting Through the Lens (EBM)
FLA is back! Great single. Can’t wait for the whole album! Title track is a great stomper and Endless Void is a nice ambient piece, Angriff is a bit to much Rammstein for me though!